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Sunday, April 19, 2009

88 Piece Eye Shadow Palette and 78 Piece Makeup Palette


Description: 88 colors eye shadows. Very pigmented and vibrant, some colours are shimmer some colours are matte.
Measurement: 23cm(W) x 16.5cm(L) x 1cm(H)
Price: RM55

Description: 72 color eye shadows and 6 blushers. Very pigmented and vibrant, some colours are shimmer & some colours are matte.
Measurement: 23cm(W) x 16.5cm(L) x 1cm(H)
Price: RM55

Description: 120 color eye shadows. Very pigmented and vibrant, some colours are shimmer & some colours are matte.
Price: RM65

120 Eye Shadow Palette

Description: 50 color lip palette. Very vibrant.
Price: RM55

Alahai... All of these palettes are not Kryolan's brand..


dlea said...

haloo..i nak la 120 colors eyeshadow ni..nak bnk jgk duit asap..brp utk post charge?

cAtA|uNyA said...

babe...120 palette nie still ade stock x??

KR said...

hye babes.. 120 palette still got stock.. kindly pls msg me at 0123636304 yea.. thanks

Zuhara n Haslina said...

Hai! Is the 88 or 120 palette still in stock? tq!

Syafa said...

hye...yg 120 kaler tu ada stock x?
cm na nk beli ek?
text me..

★mariam badidu★ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KR said...

semua ader bebeh

Syafa said...

hurm...ni brand apa ek yg 120 eyeshadow n lip colour tu?

KR said...

palette2 ni ader stock sumer.. pape contact akak for fast respond.. 0123636304

aRtphotography said...

I nak 120 eyeshadow color pallete nak tau brand ? Delivery ke Penang how much ?
Ada makeup artist brush tak ?

KR said...

art.. eyeshadow tuh ader.. pos laju rm8 jer.. brush xde buat mase nih :)

Anonymous said...

hi, nak tanya.yg lip 50 palette tu brand apa?coastal scent ke?

nina said...

kak nk tanye, lip 50 palette tu ade lagi tak..nk beli la...

ShA-RiFa said...

nak tanye..120 color eye shadows palette still ade tak?


KR said...


milk and cookies said...

kak, yg RM55 siap blusher tu ada lagi?
Ok tak kualiti dia?

NICOLE said...



~~**ExYrA**~~ said...

i want the 120 pallette...ada lagi x?please email me at nurul_azira@yahoo.com

Linna ZahRa~ said...

salam,,kak,,88pallete eye shadow tu ade lg tak? kalaw termasuk pos brape rm ek?hmm ym saye linazahra_882000@yahoo.com


Freaky Pinklady said...

Salam...kak, sume kaler dlm 88 pcs eye pallette tu ade tak dlm 120pcs eye pallette tu?
nak order yg 120pcs eye pallette tu laaa...

Nishah said...

do u have the 120 colours in stock? my email id is nishah79@gmail.com....pls advise

Nishah said...

hi do u have the 120 colours in stock??my email id is nishah79@gmail.com

mohanapriya said...

is 120 still in stock?
im mohana kindly reply me in alishyah_2186@yahoo.com or sms me 0176072911

butikruzsha said...

salam..nak tanya ada lagi stok utk 88 pcs eye pallette n 120 pcs eye pallette .leh btahu harga + postage..
email kat akliza@xyratex.com

penny said...

im from sabah...if i oder how many days i can receive and how many the post fee

penny said...

all eyeshadow still gt stock?im from sabah..my msn is penny_tampy@hotmail.com

Siti Nadhira said...

ii..akak ader tak 180 colors pallete 4 eye shadow? n kdai akak kat sri gombak katner eh?sbb sbb sy dok kat pinggiran batu caves :)

Cat's Miaw said...

do you still have the 120 palette?
what brand is it?
im looking for Manly.
pls email me at kate.lim@gmail.com

Tan said...

Do you still have the 72 color eye shadows and 6 blushers.email me at dennisetan@hotmail.com..
what brand is that?

KR said...

yep ader ready stock.. xde brand

Tan said...

is not coastal scent or kryolan brand? then all those is made in china brand?

Misz Zahidah said...

akak, yg '72 color eye shadows and 6 blushers' tu ade stock lg tak? ASAP!

lailasyamim said...

nk 120 eyeshadow pallete..

siti nursalehah said...

ori ker?

Asyikin said...

hye kak ann!! kak ann... nk tnya ckit... ada lg x eyeshadow 72 clour with blusher tu.. klu ada nk order la kak ann.. kak ann pls reply ye.. thank u so much!!

Asyikin said...

klu ada akak bley reply kt email syikin ye.. asyikinazmi@gmail.com.. thank u so much!!

qilaid_0122 said...

is 120 or 72 pallete still available?
i've been looking everywhere for this!!
n i'm wondering if u hv a warm type color sebiji macam the 120?n a bronzer set?please let me know a.s.a.p.
my email is qilaid_0122@yahoo.com
i'm really looking forward of buying this. thanks!!

angelic.ruby00 said...

akak, 88 palettes tu masih available tak? contact me at angelic.ruby00@yahoo.com

Foot Patch Termurah said...


saya nak ambil terus dr akak...bole x? nak yg 72 eyes shadow 2...

Yee Yan said...

do you still have the 120 pallete?
i would like to buy from you.
please let me know if you still have any..
hope to hear from you soon. thanks!

mai :) said...

is the 120 palette still available ? and also the lip color. are they available ?

bella said...

is the 120 palette is available? please email me bella.applered@gmail.com

nor normal said...

salam kak,,,,120 palette ada lg x??? sy ada msg kak nk tnya adress & no.acc tp kak x blas pun :(..sy dh lma cri make up eye shadow nie..

Fariz Finie Family™ said...

sis.. yg 88 color eyeshadow tu ada lg?
pls let me know..

flower fafa said...

akak saya nak. serious. .ada lagy ke 88 tu ?

KR said...

ade.. pls msg 0123636304 to order

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