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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Basic - Advance Bridal Makeup Class

Basic - Advance Bridal Makeup Class with Nora Amarmin

Date : 22th & 23th May 2010

Time : 10.30am-6.00pm (2 Days Course)

Venue : Kryolan In Malaysia Studio, Sri Gombak, Kuala Lumpur
Full address and map will be given upon confirmation.

Fees : RM 550 per student (Max 5-10 students per session)

Course Syllabus :

Types of cosmetics / Tools of The Trade (make-u brushes, types of sponges).

Study of Face Shapes and Bone Structures (highlighting and shading techniques).

Color co-ordination, color selection.

Corrective make-up techniques.

Achieving a flawless base.

Secret techniques for meletops eyebrow's shaping / tweezing.

Design & Create a variety of hair, tudung and sampin styling lesson.

Lots of Nora’s tips and techniques to be shared during the course.

Full Set Bridal Wearing Section & Photoshoot – Need to bring 1 female model (End of 2nd day lesson).

What to bring:

Your make-up kits even you dont have the complete set.

1 female Model on 2nd day lesson.

Provided :

Complete make-up set sponsored by Kryolan in Malaysia to be used in class.

Goodie bag worth RM100 (make-up sponges / powder / brush set).

Certificate of completion.

Payment method :

Pls contact ann @0123636304 for details.


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hi, sy nk tny, ur makeup class x buat di tempat lain ke?

chilun @ cik pau @ bibimie said...

ada bukak kelas lagi tak utk julai atau ogos? please email me bibimie@gmail.com

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