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Sunday, October 11, 2009

KRYOLAN Eyebrow Plastic

KRYOLAN Eybrow Plastic - RM50 (18g)

Shaving off eyebrows ends up in a mess as they grow back in. Often, the hairs grow back in odd directions or thicker in portions of the brow where that had not been the case before. And if you dont like to trim or shave your eyebrows, you cover your eyebrows with this stuff, it is like a sealer for your eyebrow.

How to use it?

Using a spatula scrape of a small ball of eyebrow plastic from the stick. Warm between your fingers to make it easier to spread on top of eyebrows. Using the metal spatula apply it on top of brow. The eyebrow plastic should completely cover the hair. You shouldn't see any hairs coming through the eyebrow plastic. Make sure that your eyebrow plastic is as smooth as possible. You can use Vaseline to help smooth the plastic down.

Once the brow is completely smooth, powder with a powder puff or brush with no color powder. If the brow color underneath is black you may need to apply an orange concealer 508, 303, mand to conceal the brow like you conceal your eye bag. Then apply foundation that same color with your skin tone.

Lastly powder very well with powder puff or brush again. Dab the powder into the foundation to set it.

Tada!! Kening dah botak!!!

Now you can draw any design that you have always wanted!!!

Jom layan gambar..

Gentel KRYOLAN eyebrow plastic..

Agak2 dah cair sket, guna spatula sapu kat kening tuh.. cover semua yer..

Tempek bedak yer..

Tempek foundation pula..

Ha, dah tak ada kening.. boleh la lukis kening ziana zain ker, kening shin chan ker..

Tada!!!! Lihat perbezaan kening kanan dah kiri.. Meletops!!

Selamat Mencuba!!


POSH76 said...

u ada jual ker...nak belila

KR said...

hye bebeh.. yeah ader ready stock for this product.. fast grab!!!!

nina said...

menarik la....nk jugak...ade lagi ke for this coming januari 2010

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